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Smith Rock – Traditional Climbing Fundamentals

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Learn from professional climbing guides at Smith Rock the Traditional Climbing Fundamentals

Beyond the world of climbing gyms and bolted sport climbing is traditional climbing, a style of climbing that allows climbers to explore the vertical world without the need for pre-placed bolts and hardware. This style of climbing opens up vast new areas and an abundance of vertical terrain to climbers seeking to diversify their skill set.

Kaf climbing guides and instructors will teach you the critical foundations to start your development in traditional climbing. You will learn about the crucial tools and practices of the trade that will expand your climbing tool set.

This course will teach you how to place active and passive protection, clean trad gear, build solid anchors, equalize pieces together, equipment organization for a climb, how to safely clean anchors, and rappel. In addition, you will get to practice crack climbing techniques and learn advanced climbing movement that will facilitate your climbing in this new discipline.

Get ready to learn new climbing skills that will leave you excited to discover more.