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China Rock Climbing

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Crack Climbing Paradise of China

Liming Climbing Guides: Incredible Rock Climbing in China

The Liming climbing area is a world-class crack climbing destination tucked away in the remote northwest region of Yunnan province.

Located high on a plateau and filled with ranges of steep mountains and winding valleys, Yunnan is celebrated for its stunning biodiversity and vibrant culture.

Half of China’s bird and mammal species can be found in Yunnan, as well as 26 of China’s 56 recognized ethnic groups. Liming is populated primarily by the Lisu, a minority people who thrive in mountainous regions of China, Myanmar, Thailand, and India.

Experience Chinese Heritage and Culture

On this climbing trip to Liming, you will stay in a traditional courtyard home with modern amenities and interact with local people every day.

You will have the opportunity to learn about the rich history and cultural traditions of the Lisu, as well as other cultures, throughout the trip.

Your Liming climbing guides from Kaf Adventures will bring you far from the metropolises of modern China and deep into one of the most exciting and least developed areas of the country. Come prepared for beautiful scenery, challenging climbs, and remarkable new experiences.

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