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Custom Courses & Guided Experiences

We pride ourselves in our custom-designed courses and would love to arrange a custom single day or multi-day trip for you. We can customize any adventure to suite your need. Perhaps you do not see a class or experience you are looking for, or do not see dates for the course you want. Or maybe you would like to create a unique team building experience. We are happy to help you figure out a plan that works for you. Please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Please refer to the below pricing as an estimated cost per person for half-day and single full day experiences. Pricing for your desired experience is based upon group size, location, and a number of days in the field. Listed below, “1:1” refers to 1 participant and 1 instructor, “2:1” is 2 participants and 1 instructor, and so on. Prices are listed as a per person, per day, and are a rough guide for our custom pricing. We will determine the actual price when we create your custom course. Please contact us to work out the details.

“My course doesn’t have dates.” Several of our courses run infrequently. We invite you to opt for a waitlist on our public courses that do not have live dates. When enough people sign up for that course, we will select a course date and invite you all to register then.

Note: Many land managers limit the total group size to 12, and instructors are included in the overall party size. As a result, the maximum participant size can only be 9 on snow/glaciated terrain, because we would require 3 instructors. On rock terrain such as multi-pitch climbing, we require 4 instructors for 8 climbers.

Custom Pricing for Rock and Single-Day Ski Courses

1:1 2:1 3:1 4:1 5:2 6:2 6:3
1/2 Day $350 $299 $215 $185 $240 $215 $215
1 Day $525 $350 $250 $230 $325 $250 $350
Multi-day mountaineering and ski courses are more involved than multi-day rock courses, and as a result cost more. Location, type of course and number of people in your group all affect the cost of custom trips. An estimation for multi-day courses is below:
1:1 2:1 3:1 4:2 5:2 6:2 5:3 6:3
1 Day $595 $375 $275 $375 $350 $275 $420 $375
2 Day $1,400 $850 $800 $850 $800 $825 $825 $800
3 Day $1,900 $1,275 $995 $1,275 $1,100 $995 $1,200 $1,300
4 Day $2,350 $1,450 $1,200 $1,450 $1,350 $1,200 $1,550 $1,450
5 Day $2,800 $1,750 $1,495 $1,750 $1,650 $1,500 $1,800 $1,650
We have the ability to develop custom programming for non-profits and/or school groups with a minimum of 6 people. Please inquire for pricing.

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