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Skiing and Splitboarding Mentorship Programs

Why Mentorship?

At Kaf Adventures, we are passionate about education and empowerment of all people. Our mission is to develop outdoor leaders through the process of progression. We deliver educational courses that flow from one to the next, and are sure to keep a focus on student led objectives. Over the past 2 decades, we have delivered excellent course progressions and have had high student outcomes.

What’s missing from our educational progressions?


Mentorship is the opportunity to work side-by-side a trained professional to ensure you are developing a proficiency in your craft. Learning to be a confident backcountry skier while also managing a multitude of risks can be daunting. We have now developed unique programming to support you not only as a student, but as a leader as well. Throughout your mentorship experience, you’ll develop your  judgement and decision making abilities while applying technical skills in the field. The whole process will be guided by a trained professional who is excited to meet you where you are in your backcountry journey. See you on the mountain soon!