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Knots for Climbers

Quick Details

Online Course Participant Any Age | Beginner/Intermediate

This online course was designed for any climber that wants to learn the knots needed for climbing. Designed with a clear progression in mind, we have boiled it down to the exact knots you will need for your climbing career.

Built for all climbers from beginners to advanced who want a self paced course with a library of resources to refer back to and watch forever.

  • Great for gym climbers transitioning to outdoor rock climbing
  • Great for families who want to climb with their children, or make sure their children are competent before getting outdoors.
  • Great for the intermediate climber who wants a credible resource for skills and techniques.

Learn the categories and definitions of knots, and why you would use a specific knot and for what reason. The course is intended to give you a variety of knots that will be useful in most climbing scenarios.

Walk away feeling confident you have the tools to apply certain knots to a given scenario while you are outdoors. Taught by a certified AMGA Rock Guide.

Content Includes:

  • Bight Knots
  • Loops/follow through knots
  • Bowline
  • Bend Knots
  • Flat Overhand
  • Double Fishermans knot/ Stopper knot
  • Hitches