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Alpine Leadership Mentorship Program

Quick Details


Turn Experience into Confidence!

So you’ve got the passion and dedication to pursue your dreams in the mountains, what’s stopping you? Experience. The Alpine Leadership Mentorship Program was designed to support both rock and alpine climbers, and backcountry skiers and snowboarders in their quests to advance their skills and reach their true potential. Whether you would like to learn new techniques, increase your movement efficiency, practice real-time decision making, or simply spend more time outdoors; your desire to progress led you to this page. A professional mountain guide will be your mentor as you grow in experience and gain confidence, which ultimately leads to RESULTS.  The program is the culmination of all Kaf programming, but it is unique in that you will receive an individualized education plan built for you. You’ll join a small team of dedicated outdoor enthusiasts as you hone your technical and leadership skills. Imagine all the wild places that could take you one, three, or even five years from now!