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About Kaf Adventures

Kaf Adventures creates and fosters the growth of outdoor leaders through technical skills progression and custom built outdoor experiences. Kaf (pronounced: cough) is an ancient Hebrew word meaning “The Power to Actualize Potential.”  The meaning behind this word embodies our spirit and mission of educating and empowering people to get outdoors.

Kaf Adventures was founded by owner Mick Pearson. Mick began studying outdoor recreation in 1997, and felt the value of outdoor education while spending time with others in wild places. These experiences and interactions impacted his life and created a place for self-discovery. Mick gained an appreciation for the natural world. Mick wanted to share his passion for outdoor education with others, leading him to found Kaf.

Kaf adventures offers educational courses and guided experiences. Whatever you choose, you’ll get an experience like no other.

Mountaineering: Guided Climb, Mt. Rainier (WTA Fundraiser) Image 1
rock climbers approaching sandstone cliffs in Red Rock, Nevada

The Kaf Difference


Our instructors have experience on all seven continents, and have been working with groups for over 14 years. Kaf instructors are more than just guides.

They’re teachers and mentors. They are recognized as industry leaders, and have a reputation for being some of the best in the business. When you get outside with us, you can be confident you’ll get the best training and guiding available. We value training and education, and are professionals in the industry.

a rock climbing guide teaching traditional climbing skills at Index

All new hires have minimum Wilderness First Responder Certifications, Leave No Trace Trainer Certification, and have 3 years experience working with outdoor education, wilderness therapy, and guiding businesses. We value higher education and all instructors are at a minimum Single Pitch Instructors with the American Mountain Guides Association.


Community is what makes Kaf Adventures special. When you come to Kaf, you aren’t just a client, you’re part of our family. We value real, personal connections that last a lifetime. Our mission to educate and empower people to get outside starts here. We treat you like one of us, because you are one of us.


Education is the foundation of all our adventures. Kaf is committed to building your confidence and technical skill in wilderness travel. Some of our experiences are guided, however, we are unique in that we are committed to your education and growth in the outdoors.

Course Progression

Our course progression is designed to help you learn the skills you need. Most of our courses come with a beginner, intermediate, or advanced label.

What courses are right for you?

It depends on your prior experience level, and the particular course. Maybe you have experience rock climbing, and you are already knowledgeable enough for an advanced course, but you’ve never ice climbed, so the Ice Climbing: Beginner course might be best for you.

  1. Beginner – You have little to no experience in the subject
  2. Intermediate – You’ve got some solid foundations and want to build your skillset
  3. Advanced – You are confident and knowledgable and ready to learn to become self-sufficient in the subject

If you have questions about which course is best for you, contact us. We are happy to give you any information you need!

a man riding on top of a rock
Custom Courses and Guided Experiences

We can customize an adventure to suite almost any need. If you do not see a class or experience you are looking for, need travel advice, or would like to create a unique team building experience, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Ready to get started?