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Excellent instructors and staff!

We had a terrific day; we learned a ton from extremely knowledgeable guides, safely experienced what we learned, and had a ball in doing so. I would highly recommend Kaf Adventures!!

– Jennifer P., Custom Trad Climbing and Multi-pitch | Facebook Review

Highly recommend

 We set our own pace and had the option to change the itinerary if we desired (within reason, of course). I really appreciated this as it made the experience that much more my own, as opposed to just being there for the ride.

– Jimmy L., Custom Backpacking | Yelp Review

It was outstanding!

This was a completely new and exciting international climbing experience. I came away with lots of different rappelling and belay techniques, learned more about rope management and anchors, tried various climbing techniques, and just had a lot of fun. 

– Yulia K., El Potrero Chico Sport Climbing | Yelp Review

One of my favorite days

The team of teachers where very patient, knowledgeable and had a great attitude. I can tell they love what they do and it was obvious they where there for us the students, to share their passion and truly wanted us to all learn and be able to climb on our own safely. 

– Jessica R., Climbing 101 | Yelp Review

Unforgettable experiene

What make a tour unforgettable are the people who guide it. With Kaf guides – Mick, Jason, Morgan, Wyatt, or anyone else from Kaf as each of them carry the spirit of passion – you will fall in love where they take you, you will experience indelible, you will be back again…

– Elena H., Returning Participant | TripAdvisor Review

Extremely knowledgeable

These guys are amazing, creative, safe and educational.  They were extremely knowledgeable, prepared, organized, fun and client-focused. If you have a chance to adventure with these guys, take it—they will rock your socks off!

– Passion_dancer, Guided Climb | TripAdvisor Review


Each experience has been nothing short of fabulous. Kaf provides fun, challenging and safe rock climbing trips tailored to each client. Kaf guides are extremely personable and their primary goal is to make sure each climb/day is the best possible.

– Sylvia O., Guided Climb | TripAdvisor Review

Quality instructors

They used the time very effectively, giving us the opportunity to learn everything we needed to to sport lead, and repeat the important steps so we could lock them into memory. They changed the site of the class last minute so that we could have sunshine, even though it meant they had a longer work day out on the rocks. 

– Mary, Sport Lead Climbing | TripAdvisor Review

Incredible experience

I have never felt so comfortable putting all of my trust and faith in someone I had never met, then I met Rikki at Kaf. She was top notch from day oneThe The attention to detail was outstanding and I really appreciate the time she took answering all of our questions and ensuring we were always safe and adequately supplied.

– Jillianrae25, Yoga & Backpacking | TripAdvisor Review

We all had a blast

Took the Intro to Mountaineering at Mt Baker with Kaf Adventures with my family last weekend and absolutely loved every single moment of it. We all had a blast. The guides were very competent, highly professional and did a fantastic job teaching us the technical skills we needed to do the climb.

– Mylene Macabeo, Intro to Mountaineering | Facebook Review