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Mexico Volcanoes Mountaineering

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Climb Three Mexico Volcanoes

When most people think of Mexico, they probably think about the beautiful beaches, tropical locale, historic colonial buildings and churches, the delicious food, or historical and cultural specifics of its people.

However, it is also home to several of North America’s highest peaks, thus offering an excellent opportunity for an international adventure and a taste of high-altitude climbing without going too far from home.

This 12-day expedition is focused on climbing three peaks while also experiencing some of the rich cultural history and food that Mexico has to offer.

This trip is rooted in adventure, not just in the mountains, but also with the people of the towns and communities of the areas we travel.

Our long-standing friendships with locals provide a unique and authentic experience during the course of our expedition.

The first objective is a dormant volcano called La Malinche, where we will begin our acclimatization by climbing up to its 14,636’ summit.

Our next peak, Iztaccihuatl, or Izta, is Mexico’s third-highest peak at 17,160’ and is not only a stunning climb but a great challenge as well.

Finally, climb the crown jewel of the Mexican volcanoes, Pico de Orizaba. At 18,491’ it not only rises above all others in Mexico but is also the third highest peak in North America.

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