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Smith Rock – Multi-Pitch Climbing Course

Quick Details


Guided Multi-Pitch Rock Climbing Courses at Smith Rock, Oregon

Build the technical knowledge and experience to venture farther up rock walls. This course is intended to build on your knowledge of sport climbing lead climbing or traditional lead climbing and introduce techniques to climb multiple rope lengths off of the ground.

This course helps both sport and traditional climbers build a skillset to lead and follow multi-pitch routes. With coaching and instruction, you learn the skills necessary to lead and manage partners efficiently in the multi-pitch setting.

You will learn about knots used for multi-pitch climbing, advanced anchor techniques, efficient belay transitions, rope and station management, belaying from above, communication on multi-pitch climbs, managing multiple rappels, basic self-rescue and actually lead climb a multi-pitch route with mentorship.

Leave this course ready to take your climbing to new heights as you gain the skills and confidence to take on bigger routes.