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Ultimate Sport Climbing Course

Quick Details

Online Course Participant Any Age | Beginner/Intermediate

This online course was designed for the passionate climber who wants to learn sport climbing from a professional mentor and credible source. Built for beginners to intermediate sport climbers who want a self paced course with a library of resources to refer back to and watch forever.

  • Great for gym climbers transitioning to outdoor rock climbing
  • Great for families who want to climb with their children, or make sure their children are competent before getting outdoors.
  • Great for the intermediate climber who wants a credible resource for skills and techniques.

Learn from basics all the way through lead climbing, the skills and competencies needed to become a proficient sport climber outdoors. The course uses video submissions and group discussions with a professional American Mountain Guide Association certified rock guide as you progress through the content. Participants will be required to submit course work and skill demonstrations to show proficiency. After completion, participants will receive a Sport Climbing Certification provided by Kaf Adventures. They will also gain access to a private Facebook group with other graduates who possess the Sport Climbing Certification. This ensures you can find partners who have demonstrated the same competencies.

Content Includes:

  • Guide Books + Ratings
  • Equipment needs
  • Description of how to use the equipment
  • Belaying + belay Devices
  • Lead Belaying
  • Top Roping Skills
  • Anchor Building Concepts
  • Cleaning Anchors and Lowering
  • Lowering Skills
  • Lead Climbing Fundamentals
  • Lead Climbing Demo
  • Understanding Forces in Climbing
  • Leave No Trace Ethics
  • Emergency Response