Outdoor Sport Leading

This intermediate course is THE essential foundation for your sport climbing career.

KAF Outdoor Sport Lead Climbing

If you are wanting to take lead climbing from the gym to the crag, or you want to progress from beginner routes to intermediate climbs, this is a mandatory rock climbing lesson for your safety. The Rope Handling Clinic is STRONGLY suggested before this course.

During this course, KAF instructors will give you personal instruction on how to safely lead climb. You will expand your basic climbing skills by gaining knowledge about topics like gear and knots, lead belaying, lead climbing, how to build and clean an anchor, rappelling, and how to consciously fall.

This class will set you up for the skills needed to move onto our intermediate Rock Climbing 201 Course.

The Outdoor Sport Leading Climbing curriculum includes:

  • Introduction to sport climbing gear, and purchase recommendations
  • Introduction to sport climbing history/ethics
  • Review of basic climbing knots
  • Proper clipping techniques
  • Lead belay technique (ATC & Grigri)
  • Basic anchor construction for bolted sport anchors
  • How to safely clean and rappel from a bolted sport anchor
  • How to fall safely
  • Mental tricks for lead climbing
  • Climbing LNT/Ethics
  • Climbing Movement
  • Lead Climbing Technique
  • Guide Books

Prerequisites: Rock Climbing 101 or comparable experience

***Also! Please note that this course can be customized anytime!***

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us.

By completing KAF’s important rock climbing courses, you’ll then be ready to join us for amazing days on our Outdoor Guided Climbs.

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