Are you interested in learning how to rock climb? Do you need a private mountaineering guide? Great! Welcome to Seattle's KAF Adventures – we're glad you're here.

KAF is a dedicated community of professional outdoor recreation guides who love educating and developing other outdoor enthusiasts into confident climbers and mountaineers. Yet, we will do more than guide you; we will equip you with life-long skills to continue building on throughout your life's journey.

From indoor rope handling courses and wilderness backpacking trips to ice climbing and bouldering in India, KAF Adventures offers courses, guides and custom adventure travel for every climbing level. With guidance and education, beginners are transformed into experts with the ability to join our community on amazing excursions to international climbing destinations like Thailand, Mexico and Africa.

In addition to our enthusiasm for the outdoor adrenalin sports, KAF is also passionate about providing a space for quiet reflection and personal growth. Through our yoga and backpacking day and overnight trips, our community is able to step away from the chaos of modern life to be reunited with the wonder and beauty of the natural world.

"It is you who embarks on a journey; emotional, spiritual, and physical - in which lies your connection to the earth and its people." Mick Pearson

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wanderlust yoga

To Wander and Explore

Wanderlust: “a strong desire for, or impulse to wander or travel and explore the world” by: Brittany Goris It wouldn’t be a northwest adventure without rain all week long, but no amount of ill-timed precipitation could dampen the spirits of the thousands of people that flocked to Whistler last weekend for the Wanderlust music and […]


Chasing Mountains

7,000 miles of flying can get you pretty far.  This trip took me to the southern hemisphere, the beloved region of the world known as Patagonia.  Lifting off from Seattle on a cold and foggy morning only to land at the 41st parallel, south of the equator, in the midst of summer and 100o weather. […]


Infinite Bliss

Seeking the climbing experience that we all desire…Infinite Bliss Moving over stone   “I just want to move over a lot of stone” said Mick as we were talking about getting out and climbing together. It seemed reasonable enough, there’s plenty of stone to move over in Washington State, I’m sure we could find a […]


Climbing for a Cause

Ascending mountains is a contradiction.  So much effort and time is spent to attain some objective which offers little to the outside world in benefit, some would say.  KAF had the privilege to be a host for Summit For Someone, a fundraising effort for Big City Mountaineers this summer in an effort to raise funds […]

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