What is Kaf Adventures?


Want to learn to climb rock, glacier, or ice? How about backcountry skiing? We offer educational courses and outdoor instruction. You’ll get the technical skills you need.


Ready to climb a mountain, scale a waterfall, or ascend a wall of rock? Our guided experiences are perfect for you.


Our carefully crafted International trips afford you the opportunity to immerse yourself in a rich cultural experience of trekking and/or climbing.


The Kaf community is the heart and soul of our adventures. We facilitate group interaction and leadership through the outdoors to help you grow as individuals.

Adventure and Exploration

We believe in adventure and exploration as a way of life for all who are interested. This mindset drives us to teach others. Our adventures are tailored to push you beyond what you thought may be possible. We do this in a supportive and inclusive environment.

Expert Instruction

Our instructors deliver our mission throughout all of our adventures. With AMGA certifications, our guides are some of the best in the business, ensuring you’ll get expert training.
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Kaf has you covered from ice climbs, backcountry ski courses, to a day of snowshoeing that ends with yoga and wine. Whatever your skill level, there’s something for everyone.

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