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Deposits and Tips

Deposits and Tips

Kaf Adventures instructors and guides  work hard to provide participants the best service possible. Although not expected,  it is customary to tip ~15% of the trip cost. These small amounts go a long way to help these hard-working educators develop skills to support participant education. If your instructor has a Venmo account, that is the easiest way to tip them and it is listed below.

To give a tip to your instructor/guide, please find their Venmo linked below and send to them directly, with our sincere thanks and gratitude for valuing the time and effort our staff spent to give you a great experience.

If you do not have Venmo, please feel free to send it to our PayPal account using the box at the bottom of this page, and we will forward it for you.

Link to your Instructor's Venmo

Andrew Charness @Drew-Charness
Berndt Bittlingmaier @Berndt-Bittlingmaier
Brenda Hollon @Brenda-Walsh
Brian Rajdl @brianrajdl
Cameron Brown @camstorrs
Carly Mentink @Carly-Mentink
Chenchen Xu @Chenchen-Xu-2
Chloé Stack @Chloe-Stack-6
David Capasso @D-Capasso
Dean Olin @therockclimbingguide
Denis Lee @Denis-Lee-2
Ellie Engel @Ellie-Engel-3
Evan Stone @Evan-Stone95
Gen Dron-Smith @Genevieve-Dron-Smith
Joe Lee @Joseph-Lee-157
John Barkhausen @John-Barkhausen
Jonathan Barrett @Jonathan-Barrett-53
Jordan Bohme @Jordan-Bohme
Katie Griffith @Katie-Griffith-4
Kelly Robbins @krobbs77
Kevin Stolbrock @Kevin-Stolbrock
Kyle Wyatt @Kyle_Wyatt
Mark Renson @Mark-Renson
Matthew Sellick @Matthew-Sellick
Michael Davis @Michael-DavisJr
Mick Pearson @Mick-Pearson
Patrick Lane @Patrick-Lane-63395
Rob Coppolillo @Robert-Coppolillo
Roger Carter @Roger-Carter
Ryder Stroud @RyderStroud
Sam Baum @Sam-Baum-5
Sam Ridley @Sam-Ridley
SaRah Busse @seberia8
Sarah Jakober @Sarah-Jakober
Shane Robinson @GraybirdGuiding
Tammy Vu Pham @tammyvupham
Tara Chapmon @Tara-Chapmon
Taylor Feldman @Taylor-Feldman
Theresa Silveyra @Theresa-Silveyra
Tyler Stockdale @tylerstockdale
Woody Jacobson @Woodrow-Jacobson
Wyatt Moore @Wyatt-Moore-7
Zach Smith @zrsmith0608
Zack Wentz @Zack-Wentz


a group of rock climbers climbing in the Cascades near Seattle

Payment Reason
Course; Description; Message

To make a deposit on a course please coordinate with us by sending us an email. You can always call our office as well and pay by credit card over the phone.