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Mt. Rainier Summit Climb

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Climb to the Summit of Mt. Rainier

Washington’s highest peak truly lives up to its definition as one of the pinnacles of mountaineering glory. Standing 14,411 feet high, Rainier is the second-highest mountain in the lower 48 and tallest peak in Washington. This mountain remains the ultimate goal on many climbers’ bucket lists.

This opportunity includes a three-day climb of Mount Baker in advance of your Rainier summit, and a four-day summit of Mount Rainier on July 25-28, 2021. The route climbed is either the Disappointment Cleaver or the Emmons Glacier.

Two Climbs, Fundraising for a Cause, and Skills to Last a Lifetime

This climb is more than just one mountain. You will participate in our glacier mountaineering skills course, which also includes a summit attempt of Mount Baker. Our skilled instructors teach you to become a climber, not just a client.

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