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Beginner Ice Climbing Course

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Beginner Ice Climbing Course

Welcome to the wonderful world of frozen water! At Kaf Adventures, we love to ice climb! In fact, ice climbing has been a part of mountaineering and exploration for decades. Explorers developed techniques for traveling safely over glaciated terrain to reach the tops of mountains they saw from far below.

As they set their sights on steeper and steeper objectives, new techniques and tools needed to be created; thus the art of ice climbing was born. Whether pictures in magazines inspire you, friends told you about ice climbing, or you just thought it might be something fun to try, come experience the thrill of climbing, one of nature’s most dynamic mediums.

During our ice climbing instructional courses, we teach you all of the skills and techniques necessary to join our Mountaineering Program. Then you can join us for our Ice Climbing: Intermediate course.