Kaf Adventures, WA
8 Hours
Skill Level

Our Mountaineering: Beginner course will educate you with the theoretical understanding and empower you to climb the volcanic giants that pepper the Pacific Northwest.

AGES 18+ for adult courses or 16+ with consent from a guardian and Kaf approval.
12-18 for youth courses.
PREREQUISITES This is a beginner level course. Any backcountry knowledge will enhance your ability to learn, but no prior experience is necessary.
WHAT YOU WILL LEARN Detailed review of equipment and clothing requirements
Meal preparation
Understanding mountain hazards
Discussion of land management agencies and land use permits
Climbing styles and ethics
Leave No Trace principles and ethics
Fitness and conditioning requirements
Trip planning and preparation practice
Glacier rigging and travel
Basic emergency response
INCLUDED Professional instruction from full time mountaineering instructors
Informational Mountaineering Handbook with course curriculum and more! A great resource and reference for continuing your education prior to the outing.
NOT INCLUDED Transportation
18 ft of 6mm cordelette, cut into 12’ and 6’ sections. This can be purchased from us on the day of your course.
Running equipment
EQUIPMENT Bring the gear you would use in the mountains to aid in the discussion on backpacking equipment. Ample time will be spent on the discussion surrounding necesary and unnecessary gear.
Also, please bring a change of clothes to wear during the running portion of the day, as well as comfortable running shoes.
RENTALS  We offer full-service rentals. If you need any gear, please visit our rental page.
TRANSPORTATION & TIMES Transportation and times will be coordinated by email when the pre-trip announcement is sent to all registrants.
WHAT’S NEXT? After you’ve completed this introductory course, you’ll be ready to practice your skills on the Mountaineering: Intermediate course. So sign up today and let’s go climb a volcano!
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This classroom-based course is designed to help you begin the exciting journey into the outdoor world of mountaineering.

This course will be held indoors at our office. Custom locations can work as well.

The course will meet at 9am and finish at 5pm, or 10am to 6pm if taking the course in Portland. This course is in lecture format discussing the rigors, equipment, and logistics of glacier mountaineering. We will help you build a foundation of skills needed to travel in glaciated terrain. The course is designed to prepare you for a guided, overnight, multi-day peak ascent.

There is a running component to the course. Participants will be expected to run 2 miles at any pace. The running component is supporting physical fitness required for mountaineering and is a good gauge of physical fitness. Please bring running shoes, and an outfit to run in, rain or shine.

The course take place at either of these locations:
Kaf Adventures (Seattle, Washington)
Mountain Shop (Portland, Oregon)

9:00am-5:00pm Seattle, Washington and
10:00am-6:00pm Portland, Oregon:
Saturday, 3 December (Seattle, Washington)
Sunday, 8 January (Seattle, Washington)
Saturday, 21 January (Portland, Oregon)
Saturday, 11 February (Seattle, Washington)
Saturday, 18 February (Portland, Oregon)
Sunday, 12 March (Seattle, Washington)
Sunday, 9 April (Seattle, Washington)
Saturday, 15 April (Portland, Oregon)
Saturday, 13 May (Seattle, Washington)
Saturday, 20 May (Portland, Oregon)

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We are really excited to head out there with you! Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.

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