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AIARE Level 1 Avalanche Safety

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Avalanche Safety

Traveling in a winter environment has inherent risk. Snow conditions dramatically change throughout the winter, affecting snow stability. The ability to recognize avalanche terrain and have a decision-making framework to travel in avalanche terrain is critical to your safety. This AIARE Level 1 avalanche course is designed to give students a basic understanding of why avalanches occur and to develop a framework for making decisions while traveling in avalanche terrain. Additionally, the course provides instruction in beacon use and companion rescue should an avalanche occur.

An AIARE Level 1 certification consists of 24-hours of learning divided over 3 days. Our courses this year are all in hybrid format. Participants must complete an online, self-paced training segment prior to the 2-days in the field. Plan for 8 hours of online learning.

**All of our AIARE Level 1 courses require attendance at an online pretrip meeting 2 evenings before your course start date. Your instructor will reach out before the course with more information.**

NEW for the 2023-2024 Season:
We’re offering a 5-day Hut Trip AIARE option! This will be our most in-depth avalanche training course, with backcountry touring days included. Join us in some of Washington’s best backcountry terrain. If interested please visit this page!