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Pacific Northwest Rock Climbing Locations

Climbing in the Pacific Northwest is a truly unique experience. Often wet and mossy, you must learn how to scrap… which makes it all the more fun!

Having learned to climb in the Northwest, Kaf wants to share with you these very special places right in our own backyard. Highlighted are some of the most beautiful climbs in our region in places that we actively guide, so that you know the best places to explore.

Index, WA

Steep Granite Crack Climbing

Enjoy a day out at one of the top ten crags in America!

Index Town Walls are home to the best steep granite crack climbing anywhere in the NW. The climbing sits just off Highway 2 near the town of Index only an hour and a half away from Seattle.

The climbing season can be nearly year-round, although the dark and wet months November – February can be rather grim.

Broughton Bluff, OR

Columnar Basalt Columns

Looking for a day’s escape from the hustle and bustle of Portland?  Get out on the rock at Broughton Bluff!

From top rope climbing to traditional lead climbs, Broughton’s columns will deliver the perfect arena for a wide range of technical skills practice.

It makes a great place to learn and develop into a well-rounded leader. Broughton Bluff is a perfect classroom.

Curious about more of our favorite Oregon rock climbs? Checkout Smith Rock!

Exit 38

unique sport and face climbing

Exit 38 is the most easily accessible climbing in Seattle. Take a look!

Whether you’re looking for the perfect after-work summer crag or an ideal outdoor classroom, Exit 38 awaits you.

Located immediately off of I-90, near North Bend, Exit 38 holds something for everyone in a single package, and it’s only a stone’s throw from Seattle.

Have you checked out the dry climbing haven, Vantage?


Beautiful Basalt Columns

Looking for an interesting climb? Then consider the amazing basalt columns of Tieton River Gorge!

One of the best places in the state to learn traditional lead climbing, Tieton is the other basalt climbing area of the Central Washington shrub steppe.

Located NW of Yakima and SSW of Ellensburg, Tieton usually offers a similar dry climate and has smaller crowds than Vantage.

Have you already climbed Tieton River Gorge and are looking for another exciting climb? How about venturing out to Exit 38?

Smith Rock, OR

Where sport climbing was born!

Climb 3,000 Sport, Trad, and Multi-pitch Routes.

Smith Rock is a world famous climbing destination located in the heart of Central Oregon, near the town of Terrebonne and close to Bend.

Famous for incredible rock, warm dry weather, and stellar scenery, there isn’t much more that you’ll be left wanting from Smith! Sport climbing was revolutionized at Smith Rock; the first place in the United States where rock faces were bolted, and to this day, it continues to be a world-renowned climbing destination with something for everyone.

Kaf Adventures offers a wide range of climbing courses and custom  guided climbs for all skill levels at Smith Rock, each one being well-suited to show the diverse strengths of this amazing area.

One unique experience we are currently offering is our Smith Rock Weekend!

***Please note that custom courses can be created at any time***

Want to climb some incredible basalt columns? Checkout Tieton River Gorge.

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us!

Squamish, British Columbia

Slabby Granite Splitter Cracks

Climb the biggest monolith of granite in the Northwest!

Welcome to Squamish, BC, widely regarded as one of the premiere climbing destinations in North America.

Squamish is heralded for its perfect granite and “granitic” rock. It is loved for its bouldering, sport climbing, splitter cracks, and long multi-pitch climbs that are all available with the high-quality characteristics of great friction and solid protection. And that doesn’t even take into consideration the phenominal views…

Squamish is the perfect choice for a course in traditional lead climbing or 2-day multi-pitch climbing.

It would be difficult to find a better option to design a custom climbing experience with us. We can certainly create an individual itinerary to help you fulfill your personal goals and desires.

***Don’t forget! We can create custom courses for you at anytime!***

Take a look at climbing Smith Rock, Oregon – it’s another favorite at Kaf.

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us!

Mount Erie, WA

Slabby face climbing with a view!

Experience one of the best views of the San Juans and climb Mount Erie!

The rain shadow of the Cascades gives us the high desert shrub steppe; but the rain shadow of the Olympic Mountains gives us Mt. Erie!

Just a couple of hours up the shoreline from Seattle, Mt Erie often experiences drier days than most residents of Seattle would expect to find this side of the Cascade Crest. By day, you can enjoy easy-access, solid rock with sweeping views, and frequent sightings of eagles, osprey, and turkey vultures.

After an exhilarating day of climbing, you can retire to your campsite in the hospitable Deception Pass State Park, surrounded by old growth forests and Puget Sound beaches – or just complete the easy drive back to Seattle.

With such great features at such close proximity, Mt Erie is a wonderful choice for a Beginner Rock Climbing class, Rock Rescue Course or a custom experience.


***Please note that custom courses can be created at any time!***

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us!

Want to climb the biggest monolith of granite in the Northwest? Then you want to climb Squamish, British Columbia only 1.5 hours north of Mt. Erie!

Vantage, WA

Columnar Basalt

Vantage is one of the driest places in Washington state, consistently making it a great spot for rock climbing.

With  western Washington being a wet place (as we all very well know!) Vantage makes for a perfect refuge during bad weather days.

When it’s raining or snowing everywhere else in the state, Vantage is dry and ready to go. Even if it’s a cold day, you can always find a face at Vantage that’s in the sun, helping you keep your fingers warm between climbs.

Vantage (A.K.A. Frenchman’s Coulee) does not have a lot of variety: mostly single pitch basalt cracks, face, and aretes are what you will find here – but there are lots of them!

It makes a great place to learn and develop into a well-rounded leader. Vantage is a ready to be your classroom. Kaf Adventures runs many of its Outdoor Rock Climbing Programs here due to the consistently dry conditions and close proximity to Seattle (only a 2.5 hour drive on I-90).

There is also a fantastic waterfall that forms under the right conditions and provides some of the most accessible and longest ice climbs in Central Washington.

It is a truly magical moment to be ice climbing in this sagebrush and juniper environment. Vantage provides the one place in the Northwest where a climber can ALWAYS get outside – which makes it a true gem.


If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us!

Curious about more of our favorite Northwest rock climbs? Checkout Mt. Erie!

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