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Mt. Goode Summit Climb

Quick Details

Mount Goode’s Northeast Buttress

Northeast Butress: Intermediate-Advanced, Grade III/IV, Class 5.6, and Glacier Travel

First climbed by Fred Beckey, the start of this route is guarded by 15 miles of varied terrain, ranging from cruiser trail, steep slabs, and a temperamental glacier. The buttress itself offers climbing from 3rd class up to low 5th class, depending upon the route you choose. The nature of the route is wild and remote, so it requires a minimum of 5 days to complete the objective. The Northeast Buttress climbs the protruding cleft left of center, marking the sun/shade line to the summit in the image.

Additional Info

Our Mountaineering: Guided Climbs allow you access to the greatest experiences the Cascades offer. Many have been curated in guidebooks like Beckey’s 100 Favorite North American Climbs, Kearney’s Classic Climbs of the Northwest, Steck and Roper’s 50 Classic Climbs of North America, and Nelson and Potterfield’s Select Climbs in the Cascades. We’ve carefully chosen objectives that require the perfect balance of challenge and skill. As a result, these trips are all overnight, incorporate movement on snow/glaciated terrain, and varying degrees of 3rd, 4th, and 5th class rock climbing.

Each climb requires different management strategies, so the instructor to participant ratio changes dependent upon the terrain in which you will encounter on your objective. For instance, rock routes are limited to a 2:1 ratio, whereas snow/glaciated routes are 3:1. Please consider these practical limitations when planning your Pacific Northwest experience

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