Yoga & Backpacking Trips

KAF Adventures is one of the first and only adventure travel companies to combine backpacking and yoga into wonderful wilderness trips. (Seriously, don’t yoga and backpacking go together like peas and carrots?)

KAF Yoga and Backpacking Trips

Not only does outdoor yoga connect you with nature, the backpacking journey helps you retain your center in a powerful, lasting way. Instead of running back into your normal daily patterns after an indoor yoga session- and possibly losing your inner balance quickly – KAF Adventures wilderness backpacking trips will allow you to build a campfire after your yoga session and completely connect and tune in with the ancient ways of the world.

Is it ironic that the most ‘breathtaking’ places actually help us find our breath? Or is it just that we are meant to live with our bare feet in the soil? Either way, the wild and beautiful areas that we visit will help you breathe deeply again.

We offer a few phenomenal trips: Yoga Backpacking in the Canyon Lands, Utah & Mt. Rainier, Snow Yoga Weekend Retreat, Overnight Backpacking Yoga Rretreats, and Yoga Hikes

You’ll return home from yoga and backpacking feeling lighter, looser, relaxed and renewed. There¬†are very few¬†other experiences that are quite this amazing for your mind, body and soul.

Come backpack with us into beautiful, remote areas – and flow with us through asanas to your sanctuary. We’d love to have you join the journey.


Spring Canyon Lands

Spend a beautiful week of yoga and backpacking in Utah's amazing Canyon Lands

Mt. Rainier Yoga & Backpacking

Experience a week of majestic beauty backpacking under the shadow of Mt. Rainier

Fall Canyon Lands

After a hot and busy summer, enjoy a beautiful autumn week of yoga in Canyon Lands

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