Intro. to Backpacking (classroom)

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Learn about wilderness travel and survival techniques during our Introduction to Backpacking training course! (8 hours of classroom discussion)

KAF Intro to Backpacking (classroom)

This engaging and informative class is designed to prepare students for an exciting overnight, multi-day backpacking experience. It is the perfect opportunity for outdoor enthusiasts who don’t have a background in wilderness survival and planning. It is included in the price of the backpacking excursion and is required to participate.

Curriculum Includes:

  • Topographic Map reading
  • Route Planning
  • Food and Meal planning; Cooking in the outdoors
  • Clothing requirements and gear purchase suggestions
  • Basic First Aid
  • Emergency procedures
  • Basics of Campcraft
  • Leave No Trace ethics and environmental awareness
  • Local area hikes and suggested trips
  • Hazard assessment and awareness


1 8 h required prior to your backpacking excursion

Feel free to contact us if you have questions.

After you’ve completed this introductory course, you’ll be ready to practice your skills on the Intro to Backpacking Excursion. So sign up today and let’s go backpacking!

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