Yoga & Backpacking

Need some time away from the high-speed chaos of the city and modern life? We have the perfect getaway for you. KAF will lead you back to the soil, back to the purity of wilderness where you can find your breath and immerse yourself in mother nature’s beauty.

We offer one-day yoga hiking retreats, wilderness backpacking courses & excursions, and backpacking & yoga trips.

So if you’re looking to get outdoors and into the wild – we will teach you and guide you on some amazing journeys. Your trip starts here!

KAF Yoga and Backpacking Canyon Lands

Canyon Lands Yoga and Backpacking Retreat

Yoga & Backpacking Trips

Imagine warrior one out in the open with a breeze, under a big blue sky, with ravens circling above.

Yoga in Nature

Take your yoga practice outside! Yoga hikes offer fresh air, rejuvenation and strength.
Feel infinite by flying high above the Puget Sound

Backpacking Courses & Outings

Join our progression of educational courses and guided excursions!
KAF Backpacking Courses and Excursions

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