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Designed for Seattle and Oregon Climbers who want to develop rock climbing skills learned in a previous rock climbing course.


Our most affordable course, only $75 for everything!  It’s our way of mentoring you after a course. Come sharpen your skills outdoors while learning from professional teachers.

What separates successful climbers from those whom only talk about being successful?  Practice!  Kaf Adventures has recognized that there needs to be a place for climbers of all skill level to come and practice their newly acquired skills under supervision.  OPEN climb days are just that!

Whether you are learning to belay, or stepping into the world of traditional climbing, Kaf Adventures wants to support you!


This is an open format climbing session where there is no set curriculum, rather, Kaf Adventures will provide Professional instructors to supervise and provide a positive learning environment.  Kaf Adventures will also provide all the necessary climbing gear; so now you can practice leading a route without having to invest hundreds of dollars in equipment.

If you have always had questions about certain climbing techniques, come talk directly to the industry trainers, we help to set the standard.Come out today and meet a lifetime of new climbing partners and join a support network for your vertical growth!


Varies based on weather and group desires.


Prior participation in any of our rock climbing courses.


Kaf Adventures will provide all necessary climbing equipment for this course. You will receive a full packing list upon registration, but feel free to contact Kaf Adventures with any gear specifics questions you have.

Included in trip cost

  • Professional instruction
  • Passes and permits
  • All group and individual climbing gear
  • Light snacks for the day

NOT included in trip cost

  • Transportation (carpool options available)
  • Lunch and water – please come prepared with at least 2 liters of water
  • Day pack for carrying gear and belongings to crag

Rentals are available at a reasonable cost. Kaf Adventures had done it’s very best to create a rental program affordable to your needs. Rental information HERE.


We recognize that transportation can be tricky. Once registered, Kaf will provide information regarding meeting times, locations and any required parking permits. If interested in carpooling, we will orchestrate a meeting place between participants.

Next Steps 

If you want to learn about our full offering of Outdoor Rock Climbing Instruction, check out our Rock Climbing Progression. Now get out there and get learning!

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