Two-Day Multi-Pitch Climbing

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Once you’re confident with lead climbing, you’ll want to venture further up the walls – and this advanced rock climbing course will teach you exactly how to do just that.

KAF 2 Day Multi-pitch Climbing


Knowing how to climb into the unknown safely and confidently is paramount. And with our instructors’ extensive experience and judgement, you will learn the skills necessary to lead and manage partners efficiently in the multi-pitch setting.

During this two-day multi-pitch course, you will fortify and hone the skills you learned in the Traditional Climbing Fundamentals and Traditional Lead Climbing courses.

After completion of this course, you will be ready to learn how to rescue a partner in our Emergency Response for Multi-pitch climbers.

The Multi-pitch Lead Climbing curriculum includes:

  • Rope management at belays
  • Anchor construction/management
  • Communication on multi-pitch climbs
  • Belaying from above
  • Using an auto-locking device from above
  • Managing multiple rappels
  • Traditional climbing history/ethics
  • Lead climbing strategies
  • Efficient transitions
  • Basic self-rescue technique


Traditional Climbing Fundamentals,  Traditional Lead Climbing or equivalent training.

  • Able to lead 5.8


You will receive a full packing list upon registration, but feel free to contact Kaf Adventures with any gear specifics questions you have.

Kaf Adventures will provide all group climbing and camping equipment. You will be responsible for providing your own personal climbing and camping equipment.

Included in trip cost

  • Professional instruction
  • Passes and permits
  • Group climbing gear including ropes, belay devices, and all artificial protection
  • Group camping gear including tents and kitchen necessities including stoves, pots and pans
  • Dinner and breakfast while in the field


NOT included in trip cost

  • Transportation (carpool options available)
  • Personal equipment including harness, helmet, and rock climbing shoes
  • Personal camping equipment including sleeping bag and sleeping pad
  • Lunches and Water
  • Pack for carrying gear and personal belongings

Rentals are available at a reasonable cost. Kaf Adventures has done it’s very best to create a rental program affordable to your needs. Rental information HERE.


We recognize that transportation can be tricky. Once registered, Kaf will provide information regarding meeting times, locations and any required parking permits. If interested in carpooling, we will orchestrate a meeting place between participants.


The 2-Day Multi-Pitch Climbing course can also be taught during one of our international rock climbing trips to El Potrero Chico, Mexico!

***Please note that this rock climbing course can be customized at any time!***

 Next Steps 

Once you’ve made it this far in Kaf’s Rock Climbing Progression, you may want to become an instructor yourself. If so, take a look at our AMGA SPI Course and Exams.

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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