Kaf Adventures creates and fosters growth of leaders through outdoor technical skills progression and custom built outdoor experiences that explore the wilderness and other cultures.

Kaf, pronounced like cough, is an old mystical Hebrew word meaning ‘the power to actualize potential.’ The Hebrew legend goes that Kaf is a sacred mythological mountain that surrounds the world and bounds the horizon. This mountain rests upon the emerald stone of sakhrat, which emanates miraculous power. Together, their reflection makes the sky blue.

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joinourteam_2017Becoming an instructor at Kaf Adventures is hard work. It requires dedication and commitment to the mission. As a small business you will often be required to put in extra time where needed and learn how to work within a system that is evolving and growing. We look for individuals who can work independently, are creative, and personable. We want the most professional and highest skilled instructors in the industry.

Kaf Adventures is also unique. We value community and provide opportunity to individuals to learn and grow into the instructors that want to be. Our mentorship and shadowing opportunities help aspiring individuals grow into instructors. This will require a time or financial commitment to achieve success. We are the only small guide service that will work with your individual skill set and help you gain experience in the industry through work trade.

The 2017 hiring season has begun. We are currently looking for the below positions. Deadline for Full Time Field Instructors applications is 15th February at 11:59 PST. Hiring interviews will begin on 21 February. All other position deadlines are March 24th at 11:59 PST. All administrative positions will start on 5/1/17. All applicants should acquire the email for submission by using the contact us page.

Field Instructor, On-Call
The responsibilities of an on-call instructor are the same as a full-time instructor, however they will work as needed, and if the full-time staff are not available. They are not guaranteed any amount of work.
Download .pdf of job description.